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10 Beauty Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow!

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Social media is a great way to stay connected with friends and family, but it’s also a great way to follow the latest beauty and fashion trends! C2 is connected with numerous beauty, lifestyle, and fashion bloggers, so we’ve created a list of 10 accounts we definitely think you should follow!

1. @allthings_beautifully


Sarah posts so many amazing images of the latest and greatest makeup and skincare products. Her pictures are beautiful and if you love makeup there is no question that you should follow this account.

2. @ouiemmy


FullSizeR2 (1)
Em is a beauty editor from LA and a marketing coordinator in beauty and fashion. She reviews a lot of beauty products on her account and also posts some amazing fashion photos!

3. @organicbunny


FullSizeR3This organic beauty blogger is from San Diego and wants to show you how to still look fabulous while using organic products!

4. @makeupsubs



Mary is a makeup and skincare lover from Colorado who posts about hundreds of beauty products that you have to check out!

5. @caloscloset



If you love fashion, you have to follow Julia! She’s a fashion blogger from Texas and she posts the hottest new trends and fashion ideas.

6. @skincareblue



Chi is a skincare enthusiast and former scientist. She does amazing reviews on so many beauty products and has a great blog you should check out as well!

7. @allintheblush


Katy is a beauty blogger dedicated to writing about review, dupes, swatches, and the latest beauty news. She puts out amazing information and opinions on the latest beauty products and is a must-follow for any makeup lover!

8. @omgbart


Another amazing beauty blogger, Bart stands out with his charm and writing skills. He also has his own site – www.omgbart.com!

9. @villemo20


Monica is a beauty blogger from NYC and posts amazing reviews and photos of the latest nail and makeup products.

10. @c2caliclean



And last but not least is our Instagram account! We are always posting discount codes, contests, and pictures of our products!