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5 Tips For Making Healthier Christmas Cookies This Year!

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Change the Flour You Use

Instead of using all-purpose flour, switch to whole-wheat flour. This will up the fiber content in your cookies and can help regulate blood sugar. Whole-wheat flour also contains more vitamins than all-purpose flour.

Choose Recipes with Fruit or Raisins vs. Chocolate

When choosing which cookies to make this year, try and select more recipes that include fruits, nuts, or raisins instead of chocolate chips. Oatmeal raisin, cranberry, and dried cherry cookies are all delicious choices!

Make Smaller Cookies

Recipes nowadays have huge serving sizes, and if the cookies are there, you’re most likely going to eat them. By cutting the recipes down and making smaller cookies, you can help yourself consume less cookies, which equals less calories.

Use Dark Chocolate Instead of Milk Chocolate

Dark chocolate that is 70-80% cocoa is an antioxidant rich food, can improve heart health, and lower blood pressure. It’s a great way to eat healthier but still get the chocolate taste you love.

Substitute Some of the Butter or Shortening

Half of the butter or shortening that is called for in a recipe can be replaced with fruit puree (applesauce, pumpkin puree, etc.) or vegetable oil (canola oil, grape-seed oil, etc.). These are much healthier for you, so this is a great choice for when you are making cookies and the recipe calls for a large amount of butter or shortening.