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6 Doggie Fitness Tips – Keep Them Healthy & Happy

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Our dogs are a part of our family, so their health is important too! To make sure your pup is staying active and healthy, here are a few things you can do:

Invest in a Dog Activity Tracker

There are numerous collars and trackers out there you can buy for your pup to keep track of his or her fitness. This is a great way to monitor how much they are actually doing and if you need to up their activity level.

Use Your Dog as Your Workout Buddy

Starting a new fitness plan? Include your BFF. Walk with them for miles, or, if you have a dog who is capable of behaving and keeping up, go on jogs/runs with them. This way, you both get a workout in at the same time.

Take Them to The Dog Park

Taking your pup to the dog park is a great way for them to learn proper social doggie skills. It also gives them a big space to run around without you having to worry about them running away.

Play Games That Require Them to Exercise

Your dog should be getting exercise in every day, but some days it may be hard to get out for a walk due to the weather or just because you are too tired! On days like this, play games like fetch or tug-of-war. You only have to put in minimal effort but it'll give them a good workout.

Take Your Dog for a Swim

Have a pool? Enjoy going to the lake or ocean? Take your dog with you and encourage him or her to get in the water with one of their favorite toys. It's a great, low-impact exercise and will tire them out without putting too much force on their joints.

Take Your Dog for a Hike

Love hiking? Dogs are awesome hiking partners! You want to be careful with the paths you choose, but getting your dog out into the wilderness will make them one happy pup! Letting your dog sniff new smells and see new things is just as important to their well-being as exercise is.