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7 Ways to Overcome Holiday Stress

by Shopify API |

Christmas is right around the corner!! There is often so much to do during the holiday season that stress can seem inevitable. However, for the sake of your mental health, try these tips for handling holiday stress:

Get Outside

Even if it’s cold, you’re tired, or you feel like you don’t have the time, make sure you are going outside! Being trapped indoors can be hard on your mental wellbeing, and the outdoors can help give you that breath of fresh air and stress relief you need. Just a quick walk around the block with your dog or sitting outside drinking a cup of hot chocolate can make a world of difference!

Don’t Forget Yourself

While out shopping, don’t forget yourself. Sometimes we get so stressed out about what gifts we want to give others that we forget we deserve a little something too! Whether it’s as small as your favorite bag of candy or something bigger like that super cute outfit you’ve been wanting, let yourself have some retail therapy!

Expect Things to Go Wrong

We all have the perfect holiday season planned in our head, but don’t get caught up in the fantasy! Cookies burn, kids take forever to get ready, and you may run late some days, but that’s okay! Expecting that things will not go as planned will help you not be so stressed when something does go wrong. Then, if everything goes right, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Plan a Vacation

Plan your family a nice vacation for after the holiday season. This will give you something fun and exciting to look forward to once the holidays are over. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, since the holidays are hard on our budgets as it is, but even a weekend getaway to the beach could do the trick!

Don’t Be Afraid to Say No

It can be hard to turn down invitations, but sometimes for your mental health, you need to! If you overbook your schedule and feel like there is too much to do every day, you’ll end up exhausted and extremely stressed. Simplify your holiday plans and focus on you and your family’s happiness!

Silence Your Phone During Family/Friend Time

When at a holiday party or visiting a relative, put your phone on silent or turn it off. The constant vibrating or the urge to check social media can ruin your evening and make you want to compare what you’re doing to what all of your Facebook friends are doing. Enjoy the moment you are in, relax, and have a good time!

Don’t Forget Your Health

One big stressor during the holidays is getting sick! Ensure you don’t catch a bug by boosting your immune system. Wash your hands, stay hydrated, and make sure you’re eating enough fruits and veggies!