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8 Common Reasons for Your Breakouts

by Shopify API |

Do you breakout often? If so, it’s probably because of one of the eight reasons listed below. If any of these relate to you, avoiding these behaviors should help in reducing your breakouts.

1. Touching Your Face

Think about all of the things you touch during the day and how many germs your hands acquire. Because of this, if you touch your face often, you are transferring the bacteria onto your face, which in turn can produce acne. To help with this, try and keep your hands busy throughout the day to prevent yourself from touching your face.

2. Dirty Phone/Pillowcases/etc.

Just as your hands can transfer bacteria to your face, so can your phone, pillowcases, or any other objects that come into contact with the skin on your face. To prevent this from happening, make sure to clean your phone daily and your pillowcases weekly, if possible.

3. Diet

If your diet contains a large amount of dairy or fried/processed foods, it can lead to cystic breakouts. Our bodies are meant to get rid of things they don’t agree with. Dairy and junk food items are much harder for our bodies to digest and come out in the form of acne.

4. Stress

This one is probably no surprise, but stress negatively affects the body in many ways and is directly correlated to increased acne. In order to get better skin, you must learn to deal with stress in a healthy way and make time for things you enjoy. Another great way to reduce stress is to make sure you are getting enough sleep at night (7-9 hours).

5. Using New Products or Taking New Medication

Putting new products on or in your body may produce breakouts because your body reacts differently to every single one. Always consult with your doctor when it comes to medication, and if you’re trying out new skincare products, be sure to choose products that are right for your skin type. Also, only introduce one new product at a time. You don’t want to overload your skin with 3-4 new products.

6. Not Washing Your Face at Night

If you have a habit of going to bed without washing your face, this is most likely the reason for your breakouts. If makeup or excess oil are left on the skin, it can clog your pores and also act as a breeding ground for bacteria. Even when you’re exhausted, it’s extremely important to wash your face every night in order to prevent breakouts.

7. PMS

Hormonal changes in the body are a popular cause of breakouts, so it’s not uncommon if your breakouts come monthly along with your period. During this time, make sure you are washing your face enough, eating healthy, and taking Vitamin B-6. It has been said to help regulate hormonal imbalances.

8. You’ve Flown on a Plane Recently

I have learned from experience that this one is unfortunately true. Changes in climate, low humidity in the cabin, and germs all play a part in making you breakout when traveling. Skin often becomes drier when flying, so be sure to moisturize well before the flight and try not to touch your face.