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Avoid These 5 Common Cold Weather Skin Care Mistakes!

by Shopify API |

It’s no secret that with the onset of cold weather comes new difficulties for maintaining your skin's vibrance. When the temps drop, it becomes over 25% harder for your skin to keep in moisture! Learn how to hold on to a luminous glow all season long by steering clear of these typical blunders.

Stop Lingering in the Hot Shower or Bath
I know when you wake up warm and cozy in the morning, all you want to do is run straight from underneath your covers into a steaming hot shower. This is a habit you must resist! Taking hot baths and showers too frequently will inflame the skin, rob your body of its protective oils,  and make it difficult for it to retain any moisture that it does get. This leads to flakiness, itchiness, dry patches and rashes-no fun! If your skin appears red after getting out of your bath or shower, you’re running your water too hot. Sucking it up and taking a cool or even lukewarm shower a few times a week can seriously salvage your hair and skin this fall and winter.

Crank Down the Heat
Ban the dreaded alligator skin whilst minimizing your heating bill this year. The combination of cold weather and central heating is extremely tough on your skin, causing it to become both dehydrated and overly sensitive. Try setting your thermostat just a couple degrees lower or turning it off at night-your skin and your wallet will thank you.

Don’t Ditch the Sunscreen
The fact is, your pale winter skin is more vulnerable to sun damage than your tanned summer skin. Although the temps are dropping, the UV rays stay. Whats even scarier is that computer glares and overhead lights can contain just as much-maybe more-damaging ultraviolet light than sunlight. Don’t try for a free pass to ditch your SPF until spring. Instead, opt for some zinc or titanium dioxide sunscreen to keep stashed in your purse.

Take a Break from Harsh Peels and Cleansers
Although it feels good to scrub away any dead skin cells and get baby soft cheeks, exfoliating with different scrubs and soaps won’t actually fix a lot of the issues you think it does. When your skin is over-scrubbed, the oil production goes into overdrive, your natural barrier against bacteria and toxins is stripped, and the more abrasive exfoliants can cause tiny tears in the skin. Stick to exfoliating only once or twice a week max for the next couple months and if you’re up for it, test out a cream or milk cleanser to add some extra nourishment.

Switch Out Your Oil-Free Moisturizer
I know that so many of you out there are doing everything you can to achieve that flawless "mattified" look. I don’t blame you; so many ads and blogs are bashing oils and scaring you away from their many benefits. However, with the lower humidity levels and blustery winds, it’s absolutely necessary to protect skin from the harsh conditions-think of it like a windbreaker for your epidermis! Consider tucking away your oil-free face cream-for now-and picking up something slightly heavier.

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