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Beauty Tips For Rainy Weather

by Shopify API |

April showers bring May flowers! Spring is here and April is around the corner, which means so is the rainy weather. What changes should you make to your skincare and beauty routine on wet, dreary days? We’re here to tell you!

Don’t Forget to Moisturize

Just because it’s wet outside doesn’t mean your skin needs any less moisture – it actually needs more. The humidity that comes along with the rain can dry out your skin, so keep moisturizing!

Drink Even More Water

Humidity makes you sweat, which means you need to make up for it by drinking extra water to keep you and your skin hydrated!

Beat the Frizz

Use an oil or mousse on your hair to help tame the frizz by closing your hair’s cuticle.

Wear Less Makeup

It’s no secret that the rain can destroy a perfectly good makeup look, so on rainy days, go for a basic look! The less makeup you wear, the less that can get ruined. When you do wear makeup, use a makeup primer (like our FACE30 Makeup Primer) and waterproof mascara/eyeliner.

Avoid Light Colored Fabrics and Delicate Fabrics

Protect your wardrobe by wearing dark colored clothes in sturdy, thick fabrics. Light clothes can be discolored by the rain and will also show mud and dirt stains that can be caused by walking through puddles.