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Cold Weather Tips: Stay Warm & Protect Your Skin

by Shopify API |

The dry, cold air and blistering winds that come with the winter months can lead to a lot of skin problems. From chapped lips to dry, flakey skin, it’s a never ending battle. If you struggle with keeping your skin moisturized during the winter, these 8 tips are a MUST for you!

Nourish Nail Beds

After getting a mani/pedi – massage the C2 Squalane + Vit E Oil into the nail beds. The nail color or gel is usually porous enough so the oil can penetrate to the nail bed to hydrate and nourish it.

Cover Up

Skin that is exposed to cold air will dry out much faster. Decrease skin exposure by wearing scarves, hats, ear muffs, gloves, etc. Also make sure to moisturize before getting dressed!! This will act as a second layer of protection and help hydrate your skin.


Adding a few drops of the C2 Squalane + Vit E Oil into your bath will add moisture all over your body.

Keep Hair Beautiful

Winds, dry air, and chilly temperatures can strip the moisture from your hair. Use a couple of drops of C2 Squalane + Vit E Oil on the ends of your hair after you wash to help keep it hydrated.

Lock in Nutrients

Cleanse + Serum + Oil/Cream – use oil and cream to lock in the nutrients you added with your serum. The oil and cream is the protective layer and helps to replenish the natural oils on the surface of your skin.

Keep Those Lips Silky Smooth

Us one of our C2 Organic Lip Conditioners to bring back the life to your chapped lips. They’re an anti-aging lip conditioner that has been proven to replenish, repair and nourish with their rich natural oils.

Moisturize Before Makeup

Make sure you are moisturizing your face. Makeup will stick to dry patches and moisturizing beforehand is the best way to protect yourself from getting them on your face! Our C2 Intense Moisture Lock Creme is a great choice and mixes well with foundations.

Don’t Forget your Hands and Feet

Just a couple of drops of Squalane + Vit E Oil on your hands or feet (before you put on your gloves or socks) can help lock in hydration throughout the day.