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Coming Soon: Ageless Body Oil

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Later this month C2 will be launching our refreshing, hydrating, and calming Ageless Body Oil! In honor of our new product, we wanted to share with you a few of our favorite Ageless Body Oil uses for you and your family.

Daily Hydration 

Our skin is our first and best defence against environmental stressors. Keeping it healthy and protected is imperative when keeping the

The day to day aggressors are countless: weather, hot showers, UV light, chemicals, bacteria, etc…. These variables take an enormous toll on your skin’s vitality and preserving its natural protective oils and hydration are imperative in maintaining the barrier.

Allow your skin to do it’s job and repair and protect it with C2’s Ageless Body Oil.

Repair Chlorine Damage

Find yourself spending most of your days poolside? Many have found that chlorine can lead to dry, flaky skin and may even speed up signs aging–especially if you already have a dry skin condition.

When you’re in water, your pores open up, allowing in chlorine which strips natural oils and sebum and can cause the surface of your skin to dry and crack. Replenish and guard your skin this season! Distribute C2’s peppermint ageless Body Oil evenly in the morning and evening.

Really want to keep your skin sweet and supple? Consider picking up a travel size oil to keep in your swim bag and reapply after each dip.

Make Shaving a Breeze 

Avoid pesky razor burn and bumps by massaging C2’s Ageless Body Oil into your freshly shaved skin. The almond oil can deeply penetrate pores, dislodging debris and soothing inflamed skin. The peppermint provides cooling relief from any and all burns and irritations that occurred during shaving.

C2’s Body Oil is naturally fortified with vitamin A and E, increasing your skin’s elasticity and moisture and ensuring that your stems stay supple right up until your next shave.

Remedy Your Sunburn 

Hopefully you do your best to protect your skin from harsh UV rays. But with all the sweating, swimming and moving you do, sometimes you end the day having gotten more than a little sun. This is where-the very important and often overlooked-aftercare comes in.

The mix of peppermint and almond oil is ideal for repairing your damaged skin. Almond oil boosts your skin’s resilience and helps to fade sun-spots. It soothes inflamed and irritated skin, allowing your body to begin the healing process.

Cooling peppermint is actually an analgesic, or painkiller, providing a respite from the discomfort of the burn. In addition, peppermint is a great tool for alleviating headaches naturally! Try rubbing a few drops into your temples if you’re suffering from the after-sun headache.