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Cutting back on coffee

by Alexis Dulin |

Kick the Coffee this year with one of these 3 replacements

Replace your daily cup of coffee with Black Tea!

Black tea, such as Earl Grey or English Breakfast, is less acidic than coffee and it is high in caffeine without overstimulating. But best of all, tea has a smaller footprint than coffee!

Choosing tea over coffee helps the environment because tea requires less water to grow and process than coffee. It takes 8x more water to make a cup of coffee than to make a cup of tea!

Hydrate your mornings with Coconut Water!

Starting your day with coconut water is not something you hear about too often...

The truth is, while you've slept, you've gone 8 hours without drinking any water. When you wake up and grab a coffee, you're dehydrating yourself even more because coffee is a diuretic! And did you know that dehydration causes drowsiness?! Sure the caffeine in the coffee is keeping you awake but what you really need to do is hydrate yourself for a clean boost of energy! And there's no better way to hydrate than with electrolytes. Coconut water is delicious and naturally high in electrolytes.

Green tea and Matcha (which is green tea ground up into a powder) have amazing benefits!

High in antioxidants that can reduce acne and increase skin elasticity. Rich in polyphenols that reduce inflammation and can even lower the risk of cancer!

Matcha is anti-bacterial and contains high levels of EGCGs, which can even out the skin tone.

This amazing plant contains healthy fiber, promotes glowing skin and will start your morning with a jitter free boost of energy!