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Face Mapping – Say Goodbye to Breakouts

by Shopify API |

Wouldn’t you love to know why you’re breaking out on your chin, AGAIN!? We have good news – you can! Acne actually tells us a lot about our bodies, which is why face mapping is so important. Face mapping helps you find the reason behind your breakouts – and that means you can hopefully stop your next breakout before it starts!

Here are the most common areas to breakout and what it means for your body:


Main causes of forehead breakouts are sweating, issues with the digestive system, and stress. So, to prevent your next breakout, try and relax, eat healthy, and wash your face after you sweat!

In Between the Eyebrows

Acne in this stubborn area is usually caused by too much alcohol consumption, greasy food, or dehydration. Add some more water to your diet and cut back a little on fast food and you should see a difference!


Breakouts on the nose coincide with your heart. If you have high blood pressure, poor blood circulation, or eat too much salt, you’ll probably find yourself breaking out here quite often.

Around the Lips

Are you menstruating? Ovulating? Pregnant? Anything that has to do with hormones will lead to breakouts in this area.


Chin breakouts are also causes by hormonal imbalances and dehydration. Drinking a lot of water should help these pesky pimples go away and stay away.


Breakouts on the side of your face are caused by stress and excess oil production. Be sure to wash your hair when it gets oily and wash your pillowcases frequently to stop this acne from popping up!


Do you touch your face a lot or talk on the phone often? If so, that’s probably the reason you find yourself breaking out on your cheeks. The bacteria on your hands and phone are the cause! Be sure to wash your hands frequently and also your phone screen. Also, breakouts here are connected to your respiratory system. If you smoke, have bad allergies, or live in an area with high pollution, you will most likely breakout here most often.


Greasy food does it again! Fix your diet and these pimples will vanish.