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Get Clearer Skin with These Easy Beauty Tips

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Clear skin is something we all strive for. At any age, breakouts and redness can leave us feeling down about our appearance. Want to minimize breakouts and improve your skin? Pair a C2 regimen with these beauty tips!

Drink A LOT of water. 

Also, if you like the flavor, be sure to include cucumber and lemon. Hydration is key for clear skin and you should be drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. Cucumbers and lemons are great for hydration, but they also add flavor, help detox your body, and boost your immune system.

ALWAYS remove your makeup before bed.

Makeup products contain a lot of different ingredients that aren’t great for your skin. If you leave them sit on your face all night, it is likely that a breakout will occur. A good idea is to start leaving make up wipes by your bed so you never have an excuse not to take it off.

Wash your pillowcases every couple of weeks.

Every night, the bacteria and oils on your face touch your pillows. After a while, you are falling asleep with a clean face on a dirty pillow, and this can lead to more breakouts.

Keep your hair out of your face when it is sweaty or oily.

Whether you’re at the gym, outside on a hot day, or just didn’t get the chance to wash your hair last night, sweat or oil on your face is a big trigger for breakouts. If you know you’ll be sweating, pull your hair back in a ponytail!

Clean your phone screen.

This is important if you breakout on the sides of your face a lot. When you talk on your phone and never clean it, the bacteria from your face builds up and can cause breakouts. By cleaning your phone every day, or at least before you pick up a phone call, you will reduce your chance of a breakout.

Limit your chocolate and fried food intake.

Chocolate and fried foods have been linked to acne problems and you may notice a change in your skin if you reduce the amount you eat.

Try to reduce your stress levels or workout.

Stress is a main leader in causes of breakouts, however sometimes stress is inevitable. When you’re feeling stressed, hit the gym. Working out has been proven to reduce stress and acne.

Clean your makeup brushes every two weeks or so.

Makeup brushes build up bacteria just as pillowcases do, so washing your brushes is vital for clearer skin.