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Get Flawless Makeup with C2’s Ageless Facial Oil – Squalane + Vitamin E

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Squalane Oil is one of the best oils for your skin! The reason squalane is a better option than other types of oils is because it is great for ALL skin types. Whether you have extremely dry, oily, or acne prone skin, squalane oil will work for you! It is also a natural antioxidant so it does wonders in healing the skin and treating wounds.  Squalane oil makes for a great moisturizer and has endless uses! It can be used to heal chapped lips, as a makeup highlighter, and even as beard oil for men! It can also help protect your skin from UV rays, prevent irritation, and fight bacteria on the skin. The benefits are endless and that’s why we believe squalane oil is a must-have! Plus, our Ageless Facial Oil not only contains squalane oil, but vitamin E as well! This helps with the healing of scars and blocks free radicals from your body. Here are a few of our favorite ways to use squalane oil in your makeup routine!

Face and Eyelash Primer

Use this oil as a base for your makeup or use it on your eyelashes before putting on mascara in order to help condition your lashes and keep them in place.


By mixing our squalane oil with your brow powder you can control the look of your brows better while conditioning your hair.


Apply a small amount of our oil to your cheekbones once your makeup is complete for a subtle glow.


Add some moisture to your face and achieve a smoother finish by mixing the squalane oil with your foundation.


Add a subtle gloss and some moisture to your lips by putting the oil on by itself, or prior to lipstick.