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Here's How to Get a Healthier Mind!

by Shopify API |

A healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body! We all struggle with different aspects of life, and may even have a constant battle with depression and/or anxiety.  We may feel overwhelmed, discouraged or lost at times, but that's okay! The important part is to make sure you are fighting back and working on creating a healthier, happier you!! It's possible to make simple life changes that have BIG results. Here are some changes you can make that may help you to overcome whatever obstacles you are dealing with!

1) Daily Physical Activity. Physical activity is so important when it comes to feeling better and getting your mind in a healthier state. Some may even argue that is the MOST important factor and the best way to overcome anxiety and depression symptoms. Our bodies were made to be active. Exercise also releases endorphins that make us happy. It's great for your body and mind, so you can't go wrong with choosing to exercise more! Shoot for 30 minutes a day.

2) Social Support. Mental illnesses, seasonal depression and even just everyday stress can make us want to curl up in our bed at home and never interact with anyone. However, it's extremely important to make yourself maintain relationships. Having a few close-knit social contacts is key to helping improve your mind. Humans are social by nature and need that social interaction to thrive. 

3) Take Time to Be Creative and Use Your Mind. Forcing your mind to think and be creative may be exactly what it needs! Allowing yourself to create new ideas and visions can get you excited about new things and projects - which can be a lot of fun! Play brain games, do puzzles, get into painting or pottery - whatever seems interesting to you and makes your mind work hard, but in a fun way! 

4) Keep it Simple. Psychologists have found that people who live simple lifestyles, tend to be happier. Clutter and chaos can be overwhelming for your mind. Keep everything in your life as simple as possible. 

5) Get Inspired. Whether it be spiritually, physically or mentally - find something that inspires you to look within yourself and make the changes YOU need. We're all different. Some may need to be inspired to leave a negative relationship, some may need to find inspiration in something bigger than this world has to offer and some may need to find it in a new dream or career goal. Finding what makes you happy AND unhappy is truly one of the only ways to find the root of your problems.