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Hero Product: Ageless Facial Oil - Squalane + Vitamin E

by Shopify API |

Not only are C2 products clean, healthy, and effective, but they can also be used for so many different things! Today, we want to share with you the 5 best ways to use our Ageless Facial Oil, aside from its main purpose of new cell regeneration and diminishing age spots.

Gym Lips

Nobody wants to be the girl in full make-up at the gym. That said no one wants to go looking like they just rolled out of bed either. Quick hack is to take a lip liner that matches or is one shade lighter or darker than your natural lip. Line and fill in your lips with the liner. Then take a drop of Ultra Replenishing oil and spread it on your lips. The oil soaks in, giving your lips that natural glow without looking made up. Best of all, it doesn’t cake up as you work out.

Cuticle Rescue

Throughout the day our hands take a beating. If you are like us, hand lotion is just not the answer for cuticles because it can build up under your manicure and cause the polish to lift. Take a small drop of oil and work it in around your cuticles, the oil absorbs into the skin and not the nail, leaving you without the bothersome hangnails or dry, cracked cuticles. If you are a knitter, you can also use it to moisturize knuckles. Your hands will look and feel so much better.

Cheek Dew

Everyone wants that dewy glow of health, but let’s face it, some of us need a bit of help. Try a warm blush color for your skin tone, swipe the blush on the top of your cheek (above the apple) then put a couple of drops of Ultra Replenishing Oil on your fingertips and dab gently along the blush. The oil soaks in setting the pigment of the blush and creates an instant healthy glow.

Concealer Fix

Have you tried using a bright color concealer (yellow, green, blue, etc.) to neutralize the look of dark circles? Sometimes these concealers become extremely thick and it feels like your eye is going to pull away. To fix this problem, make a little circle of concealer on your palm and mix in a drop of the Ageless Facial Oil. This thins it out so it spreads easily. You can then dab it where your need it and blend it with your foundation, giving you a smooth, healthy look, rather than a caked on makeup look. Dust with your favorite powder to set. Also, because the Squalane is absorbed in, it won’t run off, no matter what the weather.

Beard Oil

Yes, you read that right. Let’s face it, men with a well groomed beard look great. Men with dry flakey red skin, not so much. If questioned, a lot of men grow beards because they find shaving painful. The truth is that sometimes the men in your life need a little push to do better when it comes to their skin. Shaving is really hard on a man’s skin, and very drying. Put a few drops of oil in their hands and tell them to rub it into their beards. They will feel the difference right away and so will you. Although we should warn you, do not be surprised if your bottle goes missing and mysteriously turns up in their gym bag.