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How to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

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It’s no secret that the holiday season makes it hard to stick to diets and healthy eating habits. However, there are ways to prevent weight gain during this time while still enjoying that pumpkin pie or those delicious sugar cookies! Here are 6 easy ways to eat smart and prevent weight gain this year!

1. Eat before the holiday dinner/party 

Don’t skip meals in attempt to make up for the eating you will do later in the day. Make sure you eat breakfast and a decent lunch and then eat some fruit, vegetables, or nuts before leaving for the party. Arriving with some food on your stomach will help you get fuller, faster and eat less.

2. Check out your options before getting a plate

If you go up to the buffet not knowing your choices, you’ll be more likely to get one of everything as you go by it. Instead, look at what’s to eat before you get a plate and decide on what you’ll get beforehand. This will allow you to eat your favorites without overloading your plate.

3. Watch what you drink, too!

Believe it or not, sometimes holiday weight gain is caused more by the amount of alcohol or sugary beverages consumed than food! Be sure to limit your intake of these drinks and have plenty of water along with them.

4. Choose holiday activities that don’t involve food

Instead of baking cookies or making gingerbread houses, try playing holiday themed games, watching Christmas movies, or making wreaths! They’ll still get you in the holiday spirit without the extra calories.

5. Bring your own dish to the party

Make a dish you love to bring with you to the party. You can choose to use healthier ingredients and therefore will feel less guilty when you eat it!

6. Eat slow and eat until you’re full, not stuffed

Don’t rush. We know the food is delicious, but allow your body time to digest! This will help you realize that you are full faster and prevent you from overeating.