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How to Reduce the Appearance of Stretch Marks

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According to Huffington Post, an estimated 80% of people have stretch marks. They are often caused by weight changes, rapid growth, heredity, or hormonal changes. So, if you have them, you’re definitely not alone! Stretch marks are nothing to be ashamed of, but if you find yourself wishing you could make them less noticeable, we have a few tips for you. Aside from using our C2 Ageless Body Oil, here are a few other ways to minimize the appearance of your stretch marks without using harmful products:

Apply Vitamin E Oil After Showering

Vitamin E is great for healing skin conditions and scars because it’s a powerful antioxidant. It can clear toxins from your skin, leaving it healthy and vibrant, and making it a great option for getting rid of stretch marks.

Use Castor Oil and Heat 

Castor Oil is often used to treat age spots, wrinkles, and moles, but it can also be used to treat stretch marks! Apply a thin layer in a circular motion for about 5 minutes, and then apply heat to the problem area for about 30 minutes. If you repeat this process daily you should see results in about a month.

Exfoliate the Skin Around and On Your Stretch Marks

By exfoliating the scar tissue you’ll remove the dead skin cells and reduce the appearance of your stretch marks. Make sure you don’t exfoliate more than twice a week though – it can lead to skin damage.

Apply Egg Whites and Olive Oil

Eggs whites contain proteins and amino acids that are beneficial in diminishing stretch marks. After washing your skin, apply egg whites to your stretch marks and allow them to dry. After you rinse them off, apply olive oil to keep the skin moisturized.

Apply a Lemon Juice and Cucumber Juice Mix 

Mix some lemon and cucumber juice together and then apply it to your skin. This mixture is naturally acidic which helps reduce the look of scars.