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Is Your Skin Dry or Dehydrated? – Here’s the Difference!

by Shopify API |

If you have dehydrated skin, but you’re treating it like dry skin, or vise versa, your skin isn’t getting the proper care it needs! This means you probably aren’t seeing results from your skincare products. The difference between the two is that dehydrated skin lacks water, while dry skin lacks oil – so you’ll need hydrating products for dehydrated skin and moisturizing products for dry skin.

If you suffer from dehydrated skin, you may notice that your skin feels tight and looks dull, no matter how many moisturizing products you use. If you want a smooth and plump complexion, you need to increase the amount of water in your skin cells. Serums are a MUST for dehydrated skin. Our Advanced Hyaluronic Hydrating Primer followed by our Apple Stem Cell Regenerating Serum is the perfect combo. You can also help dehydrated skin by upping your water intake!

On the other hand, dry skin will often appear flakey and rough and you will need a good moisturizer to help take care of the dryness. Why? Well, our sebaceous glands produce “sebum,” an oily substance that helps to protect, lubricate and nourish our skin, which prevents it from drying out and causing wrinkles. Those with dry skin lack sebum, and need to add more moisture to the skin to help do the protecting and nourishing.  Our Ageless Facial Oil Squalane + Vit E has been extremely successful with those who use it to treat their dry skin.

Knowing your skin type means you can be more successful in treating your skin problems. If you have any questions about your skin, feel free to send us an email and we would love to help you out!

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