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Let’s Talk Pillow Talk

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Make the switch to silk will seriously enhance your skin and hair.

Beauty sleep’s secret weapon can maintain your luscious locks and keep your skin hydrated. What’s better than getting the most out of the time you are already sleeping? By switching to a 100% silk pillowcase you can do double duty by improving skin and hair health! Not only are silk pillowcases attributed to anti-aging, but they will also help you avoid bedhead.

The Skin

Treating yourself to silk can be one of the best anti-aging decisions you can make. Allowing your skin to glide over your pillowcase can help avoid sleeping lines and prevent wrinkles. The silk maintains skin moisture so you wake up hydrated and refreshed. Have eczema, sensitive skin, dry skin, or acne? A silk pillowcase helps fight redness, is easy on your skin and is less irritating than man-made alternatives. Trading up to a natural fabric can lead to short term and long term benefits such as better skin health, reduced wrinkles, and overall better looking skin.

The Hair

The luxe cooling feeling of silk will help cut down frizz and prevent hair breakage. The smooth fabric allows your hair to glide over the pillowcase rather than catching on man-made materials. You can get a little extra beauty sleeping knowing that this simple change can help maintain your hairstyle, so you can rock three-day hair if you want.

Do beauty sleep right!