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Organic Pet Products – Because Your Pets Are Part of The Family Too!

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Most pet products today, including food, treats, and chews, are made with synthetic, non-organic, low quality ingredients. Unfortunately, this is probably the reason 1 in 2 dogs will be diagnosed with some form of cancer in their lifetime, and why diabetes and obesity are at an all-time high. The lifespan of dogs is also nearly half of what it was in the 70s.

At C2, not only do we care about your health and well being, but also that of your family. And in our minds, we believe every dog is a part of the family! So what can you do to ensure your dog a healthier life? You can start by switching over to organic food products, and Snoutly, LLC is the best we have found! Here’s what CEO, Marissa Gray, had to say about the poor quality of dog products, Snoutly, and what makes their products stand out:

“We began Snoutly, LLC to fill a gaping void in the current pet space, namely Certified Organic, human food grade quality, low carb, low calorie pet products. While humans have the option to make informed dietary and lifestyle decisions, our pets do not and rely solely upon their owners to make the right decisions for them. It is our view that the majority of commercial pet food products available today are highly processed, full of sugar/excess carbohydrates, and nutritionally worthless, thereby contributing to the health epidemic in a major way. There are some great documentaries out there right now substantiating this: &

We consider it our mission at Snoutly to provide healthy, organic, low calorie supplement, treat and food options for pets and refuse to contribute to the health epidemic for profit. Our promise to the consumer is best described at:

We currently carry a Certified Organic, 100% plant-based whole food supplement for dogs, called “Poochie Powder”. We retained a licensed vet to choose some of nature’s most nutrient dense, biologically appropriate ingredients for dogs and come up with a proprietary daily formula that is safe for all breeds and all stages of life. All the pet owner has to do is mix the correct dosage of powder in with their dog‘s existing food and in turn, the dog receives a potent dose of highly digestible, plant-based, raw nutrition at every meal.

Poochie Powder came about because when I first got my pup, I was spending several hours a day cutting up fruits and veggies and essentially cooking for my dog and preparing his meals. I was posting my dog‘s meals on Instagram and had a bunch of friends tell me that they’d LOVE to incorporate some plant-based goodness into their dog‘s diets but just don’t have the time. That got me thinking. Essentially, Poochie Powder is the solution for the consumer that recognizes the importance of adding the phytonutrients, antioxidants, minerals, and other disease fighting benefits of raw cruciferous and leafy green vegetables to their dog‘s diet, but don’t have the time or patience to spend hours doing it.

We are currently at work developing a second product (a treat product) and should have this to market in Jan-Feb of 2018!”

Try out Poochie Powder here.