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Skincare Ingredients to Avoid When Shopping!

by Shopify API |

As I’m sure all of you know, what we put in our bodies is important to our health! The same goes for what we put ON our bodies. Many skincare products are filled with toxic ingredients that are harmful for you and your family. To help you choose the right skincare products, we’ve created a list of ingredients you should avoid:


While fragrances may smell tempting, putting them on your body can cause a handful of severe health problems. Cancer, reproductive and developmental toxicity, and allergies are the biggest concerns.  C2 California Clean NEVER uses fragrances and only uses clean and healthy ingredients.  Remember, the less ingredients, the better.

Parabens (Beginning with Methyl-, Isobutyl-, Proply-)

Parabens are popular in skincare products and deodorants and are found in breast cancer tumors. They can also cause hormonal imbalance in women (along with early puberty) and can lead to sterility in men.


This dirty ingredient is found in hair care products and moisturizers. It is meant to increase shine and add moisture, but there are a lot of dangerous side effects. Aside from causing skin irritation and allergies, this ingredient is also considered a carcinogen. Instead of using brands with dozens of ingredients, use C2’s skincare products that are safe and effective!


Triclosan has no benefits in skincare products and has a long list of dangerous effects including: hormonal disruptions, increased allergies, weakened muscle and immune function, and bacterial resistance. You definitely want to steer clear of any product that contains Triclosan in order to protect you and your family!

Check out even more of our “Love It” and “Leave It” ingredients below: