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Spring Makeup Tips: Look Runway Ready, Every Day!

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It’s finally spring, which means new fashion and makeup trends are upon us! To make sure you look your best, we’ve asked Christina Flach, celebrity makeup artist and owner of Pretty Girl Makeup, for the best spring makeup tips. Follow these and you are sure to look amazing!

Get Your Brows Done

Get those eye brows that have gotten out of control waxed by a real professional and then start filling in your brows with a pencil or shadow to frame your beautiful eyes. The benefits of the brows not looking so heavy and thick are that your eyes appear larger and best of all, it takes YEARS off!

Choose Full, Pastel Lips

Using soft pastel lipsticks will give you a fresh, light, spring-like feel and adding a lip-gloss like Soul Mates by Pretty Girl Makeup makes the lips appear fuller. Dry lips? Try a C2 lip conditioner prior to lipstick!

Try a Smokey Eye

Recent runways were full of smokey eyes. Experiment with your eyeshadows to find the look that works best for you. If it looks a tad too messy, or my favorite, “Mommy, why does your makeup look like that,” dip a Q-tip in water, and clean the corners of your eyes.

Throw Away that Old Mascara

They are only meant to last 3-6 months before they dry out. Try a new mascara and add a second coat to make your eyes pop.

Bronze Those Cheeks!

A bronzer across the cheeks after this long winter will help give the illusion of a week’s vacation at the beach!

Take Care of Your Skin

I can’t say it enough, take care of your skin from the inside out! Everything will look better if your skin is properly taken care of! Eye cream, moisturizer, Vitamin C serum, exfoliating scrub, lots of water, more greens, and keep away from sugar. Nothing says spring like clear, healthy skin! C2 California Clean products are a great choice for healthy skincare!

Stay Hydrated

Hydrate your body with water. Every time you go into your car (which us moms do AM to PM) get in the habit of grabbing a bottle of water with a squeeze of lemon or orange. Better yet, 1 TBSP of Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. It will re-alkaline the body and best of all “helps” get rid of those horrible sugar cravings we get!

Also, if you desire silky, smooth, and beautiful lips, make sure to check out Pretty Girl Makeup’s new Lip Love Collection: