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Summer Skincare & Beauty Tips

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Start Wearing Waterproof Makeup & Makeup with SPF

With  summer comes the sun, sweat, and swimming! To protect yourself from sun damage, in addition to using sunscreen, also use foundation and primers with SPF. You should also start getting waterproof eyeliners and mascaras for those days you want to look your best at the beach or at a swim party!

Don’t Rely on Clothes for Protection

According to researchers, clothes only provide an SPF of 8. While they are great in addition to sunscreen, you should never go into the sun for long hours without other means of protection. Ideally, you should put sunscreen on all over your body and then put on whatever clothes you are wearing afterwards.

Exfoliate Carefully

You don’t want to lose your beautiful, summer tan, so make sure you don’t exfoliate too often or when your skin is peeling! Also, be aware that exfoliating reveals new skin, which can be sensitive. Because of this, your skin will be more prone to burn, so use extra protection! We recommend exfoliating at night and using out C2 Apple Stem Cell Regenerating  Serum on sunburnt or peeling skin!

Shave Smart

If you know you’ll be heading to the beach, try to shave a day or two before! Shaving right before going into the water can cause a lot of irritation. To relieve razor burn pain or stop it before it starts, use C2’s Ageless Body Oil right after shaving.

Protect Your Scalp

Make sure to spritz or rub some sunscreen on the parts of your hairline that will be exposed to the sun! A burned scalp makes styling your hair super uncomfortable. You can also protect it by wearing a cute floppy hat or a baseball cap!

Still Moisturize

Just because winter is over and your skin may not feel as dry, moisturizing is still extremely important! It creates a barrier that helps block your skin from pollutants and bacteria.