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Sunscreen Alert – Protect You & Your Family!

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Sunscreen! Many sources tell people to wear it everyday, and that it is a miracle product that prevents skin cancer and has anti-aging properties. Other sources shed light on the detrimental effects of sunscreen and how it can actually CAUSE cancer. As more studies are being conducted, more facts are being thrown to the public.

So, what to believe?

It is true that sunscreen does protect skin from the sun’s harmful rays – decreasing damage done to skin cells. This reduces the chance of skin cancer and prevents the growth of it as well. Exposure to sunlight can also cause the deepening of fine lines and skin discoloration. Therefore, shielding your skin can lead to a path of younger looking skin, for a longer period of time.

Wearing sunscreen is one of the best things you can do to achieve smooth, healthy skin. However, being cautious of the chemicals and active ingredients used in products can ensure that your sunscreen isn’t doing you more harm than good.

A very common, yet harmful chemical found in most sunscreens is oxybenzone. It is a hormone disruptor and is easily absorbed into the skin. Hawaii has recently banned the sale of sunscreens with oxybenzone in it.

With these facts in mind, your best bet is to check the labels and do your research. Watch out for chemicals such as octinoxate, homosalate, octocrylene, and octisalate-all known to be damaging to your health, or provide inadequate protection at a risky cost.

And if you aren’t playing in the sun all day – skip the sunscreen! Your skin needs Vit D too!

If you want to avoid the use of toxic chemicals, there is also the option of using mineral sunscreens. There is different technology utilized with each form of sun protection:

Chemical sunscreens
Chemicals used in sunscreens absorb sun rays and then releasing it from the skin. It does not necessarily block the rays like mineral sunscreens do.

Mineral sunscreens
Simply put, mineral sunscreens reflect the sun’s rays. As if you were wearing a white shirt, the inorganic compounds in mineral sunscreens reflect light and decrease the number of sun rays absorbed into your body. Due to this effect, mineral sunscreen is also often referred to as physical sunscreen. Active ingredients in mineral sunscreens include zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

With all of the harmful effects associated with chemicals used in sunscreen products, C2 has decided to use zinc oxide, a physical barrier, in our sunscreen.

Zinc oxide is a non-toxic ingredient which has even been studied to treat irritation and acne. It has antimicrobial properties and does not clog pores. When put on the skin, zinc oxide creates a protective barrier against harmful light rays and allows them to reflect off the skin’s surface. Just like clothes or a hat, you put it on to cover, and you can take it off as well- in this case, you simply wash it off.

Often times, people avoid using mineral sunscreens due to the fact that it can leave a visible white film on the skin. However, the zinc oxide in the C2 California Clean mineral sunscreen sits smoothly on top of skin without the light color or greasy look of most sunscreens. It blends right into your skin tone so you can attain a natural look without compromising your need for adequate sun protection.

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