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The Causes of Aging Skin & What You Can Do About It

by Shopify API |

No matter what your age, you’ve decided that it’s time to give your aging skin some love. Let’s look at a few causes of aging skin and then make a plan to be your best self.

Getting Older – No surprise here! As we age, our skin loses elasticity and we lose collagen that plumps our skin from the inside.

External Stress – Pollution, sunlight, and other toxins contribute to collagen loss, wrinkles, and “old” looking skin.

Personal Stress – Our work & family issues take their toll on how we eat (fast food) and how we sleep (not enough), often resulting in acne-prone or just tired-looking skin.

The best plan for an anti-aging skin care regimen would be to address the above factors from both the inside and the outside.

Relax – Unplug and take time for yourself to get rid of the tension on your face. Schedule a walk or take a yoga class. You deserve it!

Sleep More – Try going to bed just 15 minutes earlier. More sleep will help your skin’s ability to repair itself.

Eat Better – Make a commitment to cooking from scratch when possible to know the ingredients you’re consuming and try to limit processed foods. Drink lots of water. Get other nutrition tips.

Always Wear Sunscreen – Block the UV rays that cause wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity. At least SPF 30 and water-resistant is desirable. You can wear this one under your makeup.

Use A Clean Approach To Skincare – Anything that goes on your skin will be quickly absorbed into your bloodstream. This is why it’s important for your skincare products to be free of harmful chemicals. Find your plan for a clean anti-aging regimen of skincare.