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Three Important Makeup Tips to Remember This Halloween!

by Shopify API |

Halloween is just a few days away – and here’s how to protect your skin from all of that costume makeup!

Choose Your Makeup Wisely

The better quality makeup you choose, the better it’ll be for your skin. Cheap makeup from regular stores will be much worse for your skin than the makeup that is sold at beauty shops.

Don’t Forget to Prep

Prep your skin with our C2 Makeup Primer to help protect your skin and also to help keep your makeup looking fresh for longer.


Unfortunately, most costume makeup won’t be free from toxic ingredients – so, if not wearing makeup isn’t an option, try and wear it for a short amount of time and make sure you wash it off VERY well before heading to bed! When wearing extremely heavy makeup, you’ll want to cleanse your skin with a basic cleanser and then follow up with light exfoliation. This helps to be sure you get all of the product off so you won’t clog your pores!

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