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Top Travel Essentials for Glowing Skin on Holiday

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One of the most compromised practices during vacation is keeping your skin healthy. Some people unknowingly neglect it, because after all, some R&R and sightseeing won’t cause breakouts, right?

In truth, however, Style Caster explains that changes in temperature and humidity are huge contributors to vacation breakouts, which you don’t want to get during your trip. Even when staying in the same place, California Clean discussed that seasonal changes are a great factor in reevaluating your skincare products to avoid that dreaded acne.

Packing all of your things in neat piles and 100ml bottles for a holiday can be a painstaking process, so here’s a bit of help! Make sure to bring these top travel essentials on your next holiday.

1. Comfy clothes and an eye mask
If you find it difficult to sleep on a plane, it’s best to bring an eye mask. Having little to no sleep will affect the skin’s radiance, and a haggard look is not one you want to sport on your holiday. Applying an under-eye cream can also help diffuse the dark circles and puffiness experienced during red eye flights.
In addition, comfortable clothing will help you move effortlessly and feel at ease while headed for your destination. Pretty Me points out that athleisure is a popular fashion trend followed by many jet-setter celebrities, like rapper Cardi B and model Gigi Hadid. Stylish gym clothes will definitely allow you to look and feel your best on the trip

2. Facial wash, moisturizer, and mask
Since the air is often pressurized in an aircraft, it’s important to regularly moisturize, especially when it’s a long-haul flight. Washing the face is also advised so your face won’t accumulate bacteria in between moisturizing. After you land and get settled, rejuvenate by using a face mask.
The same is true for other modes of transportation, air-conditioned or not. If there’s no wash area in the vicinity, wipe your face with wet wipes, and proceed with your moisturizer.

3. Body lotion, hand and foot cream
Moisturizing the body is also important for the same reasons as the previous point. It’s also crucial to take note of your destination’s climate, so avoid packing body butter for places where it can get really hot. Similarly, don’t go for thin lotions in colder temperatures. Hand and foot creams offer extra moisture to prevent calluses, especially if you’re going to be walking a lot.

4. Sunscreen
While this is one of the more common items people pack on a trip, it’s not just reserved exclusively for the beach, or the outdoors, for that matter. Condé Nast Traveler revealed that spending an hour on a plane’s window seat can already expose you to harmful sun rays equivalent to lying in a tanning bed for 20 minutes.
The next time you pick the window seat, don’t forget to lather on sunscreen. A cream-type sunscreen under 100ml will pass boarding restrictions and save you from acquiring skin irritations.

5. Water
The number one weapon for healthy, glowing skin is hydration. Nothing beats getting the recommended six-eight glasses of water every day, even when you’re on vacation. It’s even better to up the water intake, as traveling requires a lot more energy and sun exposure.

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