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Want to Get Rid of Gray Hair? Check Out This Product from Generation Klean!

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This magic wand covers gray hair in an instant! Here at C2, we love to promote other healthy brands that can help you get the beauty you desire without putting harmful chemicals into your body. Generation Klean is one of our favorites because their products are amazing and have great results! Here are some quick facts and uses for the Gray Disappear:
  • Keeps Gray Hair Away In Between Expensive Salon Visits
  • Free Of Parabens, Sulfates, and Glycols
  • Rich with Antioxidants, Vitamin E, Panthenol and Natural Waxes
  • Easy To Use Brush
  • Washes Out With Shampoo
  • Buy A Lighter Shade and Use To Add Temporary Highlights
  • Men Can Use This Product On Gray Hairs Of Mustache or Beard
  • Nation's Best Seller and Celebrity Favorite
  • Look Years Younger With Ease and In An Instant
Fudge / Dark Brown 

One of our favorite uses of this product is for men to put it on their mustaches or beards! If you pair this product with our Ageless Facial Oil, which will keep skin on the face healthy and also groom the hairs, your man will have some amazing looking facial hair!

Don't wait; get yours today! You can find this product by visiting their website.