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What are Plant-based Stem Cells in Skincare

by C2 Marketing |

Stem cells are a controversial term that can spark many debates. But plant stem cells, although different -- they have similar functions and characteristics than animal stem cells. Plant stem cells are an awesome way to harness the rejuvenation characteristics in plants and use them to our benefit!


What are plant stem cells?

You may be familiar with animal stem cells and how they can be used to repair diseased areas in the body, they have the ability to develop into different types of human cells to aid the body. Plant stem cells don't have the same ability to develop into "needed" cells but can still be beneficial to our body. Plants are stationary so their stem cells are extra protective and packed full of antioxidants to help with plant regeneration after injuries. Plants deal with inclement weather and other environmental damages so their stem cells work extra hard to protect the plant.


What can they do for your skin?

Although plant stem cell cultures are not "living" like human-based cells are, your skin can still reap the regeneration benefits that they provide. Plant stem cells can help to boost the production of new skin cells and help to repair damaged and aging skin.

C2 and Plant Stem Cells

C2 uses plant stem cells in two of our products! The Apple Stem Cell Regenerating Serum and the Citrus Stem Cell Moisture Lock Creme. Both help fight damaged skin and boost collagen products to fight aging!