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What’s the Deal with Primers? : Skincare Primers vs. Makeup Primers

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What is a primer?

What do you use before you start to paint a wall? A primer! It’s the step to get the walls ready and prepped for paint.

Skincare Primer

Our C2 Skincare Primer is the step to get your skin ready to accept all the wonderful things you will slather on your face. Think of it as wetting a dry sponge or opening the door to your skin. We want you to prep your skin so you can maximize the effects of all your other skincare products.

Using a skincare primer before your serum, oil or cream, allows many more nutrients to be absorbed and stay locked in. The goal is to retain as many benefits as possible from your skin care products, and the primer ensures that the unwanted junk (pollution, dirt, etc…) stay far away from your pores and the vitamins and goodies stay trapped. You work so hard to keep your skin glowing, why not make your job a little bit easier?

What’s a makeup primer? And what’s the difference?

Makeup primers are used to prep the skin and smooth it out for makeup application. It can drastically improve the lifetime of your makeup and help everything blend much more smoothly.

Makeup Primer

Did you know that the secret ingredient to a makeup primer is Zinc Oxide? So, technically mineral sunscreens can serve as a sun protector and also a makeup primer. Two jobs – one product.

After you are done with your skincare routine, pat on a drop of makeup primer /sunscreen around your face. You will be protecting your face against the UVA rays, unwanted particles but then also helping your makeup stay on for hours longer.

A lot of women aren’t quite convinced that they should spend money on yet another makeup product, and I’ve heard some fear that the primer itself could clog pores and add to the risk of breakouts. While not all makeup primers are created equal, most of them actually serve as a protector, sealing up your pores and keeping out intrusive foundation particles. I like to start with a freshly cleansed and moisturized, then pat on a drop of makeup primer with my fingertips. This does a beautiful job of laying down the base work on my skin so that I may get the best possible results out of my makeup.