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Where Do You Breakout Most Often? Here’s Why!

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Our bodies are smart. They tell what’s going on inside because we aren’t able to see for ourselves. One way they do this is by causing us to breakout in specific areas on our face. Here are the most popular breakout spots and what it can mean is going on inside your body:

The Jawline or Chin

If you breakout consistently on your jawline or chin, chances are that your hormones are out of whack. Are you close to starting your period? Pregnant? Going through menopause? These are all reasons you could be breaking out. Breakouts on the jawline and chin can also mean that you are eating too much greasy food.

The Nose

Acne on the nose has been connected to poor circulation and problems with blood pressure. If you breakout here often, it may be a good idea to try reducing your stress and eating a heart-healthy diet.

The Forehead

Breaking out on the forehead can mean a lot of things, but most commonly it is related to digestive issues. Your body may be trying to tell you that you’re having a hard time breaking down certain foods. If breakouts here are persistent, you should check in with your doctor. They can also occur here because of sweat, lack of sleep, or stress.

The Ear/Temple Area

Stress and excess oil production are to blame for breakouts on the temples and ears. So, try to find activities to help relieve stress and be sure to clean your phone often. When you put a dirty phone screen up to your ear or the side of your head, the bacteria gets on your face!

The Cheeks 

If you breakout on your cheeks often, chances are you have too much sugar in your diet or you’re allowing bacteria to build up on your face. Eating healthier should clear this acne up and you should be sure to wash pillowcases often and also disinfect your cell phone. Air pollution is also a cause for acne on the cheeks, so if you’re in the city a lot, breakouts here may not be too uncommon.

In Between Your Brows

The area in between your brows is connected to your liver. So, if you’ve had a lot of alcohol or greasy foods lately, then you’ve most likely found the cause of your acne! Drink a lot of water and try to eat a more balanced diet to help rid this area of breakouts.