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Why C2 Switched to Glass!

by C2 Marketing |

A Sustainability-Driven Decision


It is no secret that plastics are bad for the environment, but the real surprise is the details behind the effect of the plastic. The Ocean Conservancy's data currently shows that there is an estimation of ~150 million metric tons of plastics circulating in our oceans with ~8 million metric tons entering every year. Plastics end up degrading in the ocean into smaller micro-plastics that can be consumed by wildlife and eventually end up in us when we consume said wildlife.


Why is plastic used?

Plastic is cheap and easy to manufacture. It can be recycled but each time it decreases in quality and eventually has to be turned into something else or thrown away where it can end up in the ocean, waterways, and landfills. The actual production of plastic releases large amounts of greenhouse gases, while the product of glass creates about 5-times fewer emissions. Once in the landfill plastic can last for hundreds of years, eventually breaking down and contaminating the soil.


Why glass?

Yes, plastic can be recycled but its life does eventually end, glass can be continuously recycled back into glass! It does not leach chemicals into the environment and you can use it for a longer period of time. Plastic containers can get warped due to temperature, get discolored, and even collect and absorb harmful bacteria. Healthwise -- glass does not affect the integrity of the product, it will not release harmful chemicals into the product.


There are small steps we can take to living a more sustainable life, choosing glass over plastic is an easy way to start. It may be a bit more expensive but glass containers won't harm the integrity of your products, you, or the environment!