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Why Using Natural and Organic Skincare Products is a MUST!

by Shopify API |

Most people know that natural and organic beauty products are better for their bodies and their health, but there are other great reasons to switch from toxic beauty products to all-natural ones:

It’s actually CHEAPER to buy natural/organic products

I know you’re thinking, “There’s no way this is true – I’ve seen how much they cost.” And you’re kind of right! The initial cost is more expensive for healthy products, however, most toxic products are made up of useless ingredients that are doing nothing for your skin, so it requires you to use a lot more of the product. Natural products are full of beneficial ingredients, so you only need a tiny amount to do the job! Let’s say you buy an $80 product that lasts you 6 months and a toxic, $15 product that lasts you 1 month. You’ll be spending $90 in the long run for a product that is actually causing harm to your body! Don’t cheat yourself – get the natural products!

It’s much better for your overall health

If you wouldn’t eat it  – don’t put it on your skin! Many people eat healthy diets and exercise – but they’ll still use chemical-filled products on their skin! Your skin is EXTREMELY absorbent and will essentially “eat” every ingredient in a product. By sticking to natural products, you assure that only ingredients that will benefit your body are going into it.

It’s better for the environment

Natural products only put natural ingredients back into the Earth. However, when toxic products are sprayed into the air or thrown away, they have a negative impact on the environment.

It reduces the risk of allergies and skin irritation

Natural products will almost always help skin heal, shine, and look fabulous, while toxic products often can cause breakouts, rashes, and allergic reactions.