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Winter Makeup Tips – For Flawless Makeup No Matter the Weather

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ving trouble perfecting your look this winter season? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! The cold dry air, heavy winds, and lack of sun leave everyone missing their summer makeup routine. To help you with your winter makeup look, we’ve put together some of the best tips to help you have beautiful skin and long lasting makeup in even the coldest of temperatures!

Hydrate Your Skin

With the cold air and strong winds that we encounter over the winter months, keeping skin moisturized is extremely important. Makeup looks best on smooth skin, so be sure not to overwash your face in order to protect it from drying out.   

Light Coverage

Because your skin is usually drier and more sensitive, less will be more in the winter months. Too much makeup may irritate your skin or cling to the dry spots on your face, making your makeup look cakey. Instead, start with very minimal coverage and see how your skin reacts. Keep playing with it until you find the right coverage for your skin.

Prime Your Eyes

With cold weather comes teary eyes and smeared makeup. Protect your look by using eyeshadow and eyelash primer. Also, make sure to use a finishing powder to absorb any excess oil. This will keep your makeup perfect all day long!

Add Color to Your Face

It’s no secret, we’re all a little bit paler during the winter months! Keep your face glowing with some subtle bronzer and blush. To keep the look natural, choose colors that are no more than two shades darker than your skin tone.

Use Liquids Over Powers

Instead of using powdered highlighter, bronzer, foundation, eyeshadow, etc., consider using a liquid or cream. Powders will dry out your skin and make any dry spots you have much more noticeable.

Lighten Up Your Foundation

Because we’re all paler in the winter, there’s a good chance our summer/fall foundation will be a little too dark for us during the months of January-March. To help fix this problem, and to also add a little bit more moisture to your skin, Christina Flach, Founder of Pretty Girl Makeup and celebrity makeup artist, suggests you lighten up your foundation in the cold winter months by mixing foundation and moisturizer/sunscreen.