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We believe nature provides the purest and most effective ingredients for our daily skincare needs. It’s that same philosophy that inspired us to create the C2 California Clean line of skincare products.

C2 California Clean is a women-owned business with a mind for progress and innovation in skincare. Founded in California by a team of scientists and healthcare professionals, we knew we could develop products that were better than those currently on the market. Not just better, but cleaner and fresher. Skincare so healthy you have no reservations about its safety. Natural ingredients so trusted you can feel confident about their effectiveness.

By combining our backgrounds in chemistry and pharmacology with a passion for spreading awareness about the toxicity of daily skincare products, we came up with a skincare line that delivers results without compromising your health. Our healthy and effective skincare line is supported by scientific research that focuses on delivering the perfect solutions to allow you to age smarter.



We want natural products to promote healthy skin. Aging smarter means being more aware and educated about what you are putting on your skin and body.

C2 California Clean develops globally conscious products through innovative research, using natural and sustainable ingredients and botanicals. Our mission is to improve and evaluate our ingredient policy against an ever-evolving standard of excellence, continuously challenging ourselves to do better and better.