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Clear Skin Cleanser Sample

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SKIN CONCERNS: Oily Skin, Breakouts, Acne, Inflammation, and Uneven Skin Tone


A deep-cleaning cleanser that targets impurities and balances oil for clear, comfortably matte skin. Best for oily, and/or acne-blemish prone skin. 

Use our new plant-based pineapple infused cleanser in the evening or morning to help refresh your skin by removing dead skin cells to keep your pores clean and your face free of acne! We recommend that you use it only once a day, using a cleanser too often may over-dry your skin and deplete the natural oils that you secrete at night. 

  • Brighten Skin - infused with antioxidants, like pineapple and vitamin C it helps brighten and enhance the overall appearance and feel of your skin. 
  • Reduce Acne - Ingredients like pineapple and vitamin C help your skin fight free radicals and bacteria and aid in skin regeneration. 
  • Even Skin Tone - By helping to shed layers of dead skin, your skin tone becomes more even and is able to repair damaged skin cells. 

Our Clear Skin Cleanser will target your pesky breakouts and oily skin by removing dirt, oil and makeup from your pores without over-drying your skin. Infused with antioxidants and Vitamin C it will help to gently shed dead skin layers, clean pores and even out your skin tone. 

Don't let breakouts keep you back, this cleanser will help brighten your skin while keeping it protected from free radicals. 

Your skin is constantly exposed to free radicals like bacteria, dirt, and oil, this cleanser will help your skin fight those pesky breakouts and keep it clean and healthy! 

Use Daily. Wet face, dispense a small amount in hands. Work into a lather, wash your face and neck. Rinse and gently pat dry. 




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Just a little drop/dab or two is all that you need to cover your face and decollete. C2 products are concentrated and effective. 

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Clear Skin Cleanser Sample

Clear Skin Cleanser Sample